the classic 2 nighter in wellington

A classic 2 nighter in Wellington will allow you time to visit the Weta Cave & Workshop – an absolute must-see attraction for any film fan (especially Lord of the Rings and Hobbit enthusiasts)

The Classic 2 Nighter allows anyone visiting Wellington to really experience the best things this wonderful city has to offer. Thanks for allocating this much time to visiting New Zealand’s vibrant & colourful capital. We can assure you you’re going to have lots of fun – those mountains down south or that lake at Taupo can wait!

So, why do we call this section the ‘Classic 2 Nighter?’ Well, given we live in Wellington and are experienced travellers ourselves we have a pretty good idea as to what to do and where to go. Unless you are backpacking your way round New Zealand slowly, we are assuming you’ve booked a 3-4 week itinerary. From what you’ve read or been told, two nights in Wellington should be the minimum amount of time to stay.

Let’s face it, if Lonely Planet describes Wellington as the ‘coolest little capital in the world,’ it must have something going for it! Read our blogs and travel articles for further information and guidance. If that’s not enough, please feel free to email us for a more comprehensive itinerary. After all, we our passionate about Wellington and know it pretty well.

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