an overnight stay in wellington

Even if you have just one night in Wellington, there is still plenty of time to enjoy some of the best coffee in New Zealand

The What to do in Wellington team recommend at least an overnight stay in Wellington as part of your holiday to New Zealand. To begin with we would like to help you discover what the best things to do and experience in Wellington are. We definitely think you will have enough time to enjoy some of Wellington’s hotspots and places of national interest before heading off.

We assume you’re overnight stay is in one of the many centrally located hotels in Wellington. Once you have checked in, these are some of our top recommendations of things to do in Wellington. Te Papa Museum, the Cable Car and Mount Victoria Lookout are three of the best Wellington attractions but there are many more.

We think it’s going to be important to maximise your one day and night here without over-doing it of course! A lot will depend on your budget, day time interests, night life preferences, the weather and so on. You can also  contact us for a more detailed itinerary if you wish. Alternatively, please read some of our favourite Wellington blogs and travel articles listed below for inspiration.


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