Our Chosen Charity


In 1901 the Sisters of Compassion began the Wellington soup kitchen service in a small house in Buckle Street. Today, her charity operates from 132 Tory Street, where breakfast and dinner are served six days a week. Suzanne Aubert believed that working together was vital if poverty was to be eradicated. It was all about partnership within the community and as she herself once said “Let us always be ready to share the pains, the cares and the sorrows of others”.

The centre aims to provide support to people in need, which includes those who are marginalised through such things as mental health issues, addictions, homelessness and poverty. They also seek to provide support to people in need because of social isolation, limited social skills, limited education, and in times of crisis.

The staff at ‘What to do in Wellington’ care about happiness and wellbeing within the community and want to contribute time and money to this worthy cause. Whilst the levels of poverty are not what you might see in other parts of the world it is important to us to play our part in helping people live in dignity and to help address the causes of poverty.

As well as an annual financial contribution, ‘What to do in Wellington’ have pledged 10% of it’s profit to be donated to the charity.

Action with the poor – Nga awhina ki nga rawakore

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