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New Zealand Holiday Advice and Company Recommendations

Contact New Zealand Vacations for the best New Zealand holiday advice especially if you live in North America. New Zealand represents the ultimate getaway whatever your budget or time restraints. It’s an unmissable combination of natural beauty, Maori culture, fabulous beaches and compelling cities. You may even recognise some of its countryside from the Chronicles of Narnia or the The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. New Zealand is a destination which provides these priceless moments in abundance. The two islands that make New Zealand the incredible country that it is are inhabited by friendly and welcoming people, known as Kiwis. As well as boasting great food, wine and coffee, you will enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Memories that we guarantee you will treasure for the rest of your life.


new zealand holiday advice

Jerry Bridge & Lindsay Barron discussing what the best possible New Zealand holiday advice should be

New Zealand Vacations History

New Zealand Vacations has offices in California, Auckland and Wellington. The CEO, Lindsay Barron, has been involved in the travel industry since 1967 and is passionate about New Zealand. Over the years Lindsay has established, run and sold various travel businesses. These include the well known ‘House of Travel’ brand in New Zealand and ‘Barron & de Keijzer Travel’ in the Netherlands and Belgium. Preferring to keep his feet on the ground, Lindsay moved away from the corporate world, married a local Californian and decided to start a new venture.

Working with smaller suppliers and local operators in New Zealand is an important part of New Zealand Vacations. The idea of co-creating great itineraries for Americans, especially great driving itineraries, came to Lindsay after talking to people in the States. Lindsay now feels that he is in an excellent position to ensure New Zealand Vacations customers have the best possible experience.

The Perfect Partnership

Lindsay discovered another well travelled and highly motivated entrepreneur through Linkedin, Jerry Bridge. After a number of meetings at several of Wellington’s finest coffee establishments, Jerry agreed to work with Lindsay to help start the company. Marketing New Zealand Vacations is a challenge but one that they both enjoy. Check out some of their best self drive itineraries here.

New Zealand Vacations Philosophy

We understand that planning a comprehensive visit to a country on the other side of the world can be a challenge. Booking your vacation should be stress free and as much of an adventure as the vacation itself. Our goal is to make this process enlightening, simple, fun and satisfying for you. Please contact us now for the best New Zealand holiday advice and let us help create that perfect itinerary for you.

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