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The What to do in Wellington NZ team live in Wellington and are passionate about this unique little city that everyone’s talking about. In fact, Lonely Planet voted Wellington the ‘coolest little capital in the world’ not so long ago. How about that?! We reckon there’s more than enough to keep the seasoned traveller or resident Kiwi busy for at least a week. Realistically however, unless popping in on a cruise ship for the day, a two night stop should be the minimum.

About us what to do in Wellington NZ

Some of the What to do in Wellington team celebrating Christmas in 2015

What to do in Wellington NZ – About Us

Katie Grealish – Born in Wellington but has lived and worked in London for 10 years as a travel consultant for various established tour operators and travel agents. Katie is keen to share her knowledge of Wellington especially if you are travelling here with children (she has two of her own). She can advise on where the best kids activities are including cafes, parks and playgrounds.

Sarah Kemp – Works part time with the team at What to do in Wellington and is happy to put together specific itineraries based on how many nights you decide to stay in Wellington.

Jerry Bridge – Is the boss and, although he was born and brought up in London, has been living in Wellington for the past six years. Friends call him ‘Travelman’ by the way, because of his extensive journeys around the world and various travel industry involvements ( Bridge the WorldBridge & Wickers ). Here’s his Linkedin CV profile page if you’re interested. New Zealand’s Dominion Post also wrote a short Q&A newspaper article, recently covering various aspects of his travel career. If you would like to view an amazing and highly informative 8 minute film about the early days of how the UK travel industry began, take a look at the Bridge Travel video – it’s an absolute classic.

Jerry Bridge’s Wellington Day Tour 

For those interested in a half or full day tour of Wellington contact Jerry as soon as you know your dates. He guarantees his highly personalised day tour will be fun, informative and fantastic value!

Contacting the What To Do In Wellington Team

You can contact us by email or telephone. Our advice is absolutely free and is based on first-hand experiences of Wellington. If you would prefer a more detailed Wellington itinerary, fantastic, we can put one together and email it to you immediately. The What to do in wellington NZ team have also travelled extensively around New Zealand. They can also advise you on what to do and where the best places to visit are . Feel free to ask us any question about your holiday in New Zealand!


about us what to do in wellington NZ

Jerry Bridge at Te Papa museum enjoying the recent Air New Zealand 75 year anniversary exhibition

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